Thursday, November 15, 2012

Amazing automated garlic planter.  The Keith.

Here we have the amazing automated garlic planter......The Keith.
The left arm moves over the green bucket activating the five fingered grab. It lowers in and auto selects ten cloves immediately turning the first clove so that it is root end down in the fingertips. Simultaneously the right arm moves across the ridge complete with attached dibber and drops into the ridge top making a 3 inch deep hole. As it does so the left arm moves across and presses the clove, right way up,  into the hole with extended fifth digit. The right arm has already moved and the dibber is on its downwards path towards the ridge top to make the next hole. Meanwhile the left hand has already auto selected the next clove and deftly turned it root end down. The  two legs move forward in a steady rhythm and the two computerised ` eyes ` in the head of the machine are able to correct any misalignments in an instant.
 `The Keith ` runs on biofuels, and is very environmentally friendly, the best mix being 2 parts hops to one part oats She can get a bit heavy on the hops after a hard day and struggles up some inclines when ground conditions are soft but otherwise 100% reliable.

The last of the Vallelado going in on a lovely warm, sunny afternoon in November.