Monday, December 14, 2015

December 14th 2015.

The last of the Jerusalem artichokes are harvested and cleaned, about 20 boxes so hopefully Milfords of Exeter will take those. They had to come out anyway otherwise they will cause a problem growing next year where we dont want them. They are pink in colour unlike the more usual english white ones and although they taste the same they attract people purely on the colour. The wholesale markets are awash with similar french ones now so the price has dropped by nearly a third.
Fred and I also finished cleaning the garlic and hopefully this will all be sold by christmas. Penny is plaiting it into the onion strings along with chillies to make a very popular festive onion string!
The onions are just starting to sprout so will be pleased to see them all sold too.
All our beautiful chantennay carrots have finished and we are now buying in from Culm Valley organic veg. Obviously not as good as ours but the best substitute we could find ! Will have to double production next year if we can. The temptation is to grow them on 15inch row spacing rather than our current 30inch to achieve this, but then we are hand weeding more at the beginning of the season..... we`ll see.
Christmas box orders are flying in,  for  pick up on Christmas eve. If you would like one please order by saturday19th latest.

Its been our busiest season ever so both looking forward to well earned break over christmas and new year.