Monday, August 12, 2013

"We're doing lots...but not getting much done" (!)

It's still warm, but after all that lovely moisture, everything is growing at an impressive rate. First squash have been on the stall, as have all three varieties of beetroot (the latest being the beautiful Chioggia, see below)
Elsewhere, there is a cucumber fest on the cards (loads of them!) and the heritage tomatoes are looking and tasting absolutely fabulous (see below)

In the flower department, Penny has been saving the seeds from the sweet peas in preparation for next year, while the ground has also been prepared for the autumn sown larkspur.
In fact, in general, we are getting the place nice and shipshape, including seedbed preparation for the rainbow chard which will soon be in just in time to give us a crop at the end of the year and then regrow for the spring.
Finally, we were proud to provide the flowers for two North Devon weddings last weekend...while on the Saturday morning market stall in South Molton, we are now selling every stem!
Here's a taster of the beautifully white larkspur, ammi majus and achillea.
Thank you all so much for your continued support. After the farming disaster that was last year, it's a positive time for us, but plenty of work still to do.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The sun is shining...the squashes are getting fat

Garlic harvest is done. Really done! Here's a grumpy looking Ant, Ben and Keith after a gruelling afternoon in the fields:

And here's what it looks like after it's all been strung up to dry in the barn, that's around 13000 bulbs:

Much of this will be lovingly plaited into fives, sevens and even twelves by Penny, making a great long-lasting item to hang up in the kitchen. Penny also takes care of transforming all those flowers from the fields into beautiful bouquets for the market and various shops across North Devon, as well as catering to weddings and to other special events. A couple of months ago, Devon Life featured her's and Ant's work with British flowers in a lovely three-page spread. If you like, please do have a look at the following link - Flower Miles

Up in the oversized vegetable garden, there is an abundance of courgettes, while several varieties of squash are threatening to be ready for consumption in the near future (including Sunset, Onion, Crown Prince, Rolet, Jack O' Lantern and Butternut).

Finally, our produce is now available on a beautiful display stand outside the wonderful John's Deli at Instow. Enjoy! George.