Sunday, July 19, 2015

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My previous article was about how to prevent pest attack in an organic way. It doesn't mean that we want to fight all the insects. On the contrary, several of them are very useful and we need strategies to attract them.
That is why I'm going to talk about the Phacelia. This crop is interesting for several reasons.

-Firstly it attracts insects, especially the ones which eat the very damaging aphids. Also, it's a good flower for the honey bees. Listen to this !!!

- Secondly it's important to always have the soil  covered to prevent erosion and waste of minerals. In that way Phacelia is a crop with high covering power and easy to grow. Also, it facilitates a clean crop bed which minimizes the weeds. The weeds are smothered by the phacelia.

- The last point is that this flower is a good green manure, so, an excellent crop to use as a soil improver before the main crop is planted.(which, next year , will be alliums).

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